I can't help but wonder why some people die so slowly:( As I have blogged about in another post about my MIL that is dying w/cervical cancer. She is hanging on for some reason that we all cannot figure out. She is no longer eating, or drinking and she has no weight on her body what so ever.....(pretty much a bag of bones)..She is in and out of it and talking off the wall most the time and other times she is just her normal self.. Mind you she is on morphine when she will allow someone to give it to her...Her blood pressure has dropped, her heart and lungs sound good but she is just suffering! Why do some people go through this? I just don't understand any of this...With my family I have never had to deal with it like this, but with my Husbands family, they bring the sick family member home to die. I would never wish anything like this on my worst enemy, it is just horrifying to watch her slowly wither away from this Beautiful Woman to ....................
I'm going to close this blog with a quiet prayer for her and the family!


Margaret said...

For a lot of people they would rather die at home. I used to be CNA and I saw all to well the people that wanted to die and they died quick where as the people that didn't want to die held on forever. For alot of people it is a matter of not being scared of death and not being scared of what happens after death,
I will pray for her and your family

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I'm sorry about your MIL - I'll keep her and your family in my thoughts and prayers! ((HUGZ!))

Sheila Rae said...


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