The Bug......

This thanksgiving was wonderful, but the day after was horrible....We all gathered at my nephews house and was playing cards, had a few drinks, ordered pizza and went home....Well around 3 am I woke my hubby up and told him my stomach was killing me, and not long after that I was hugging the toilet:(( Once every hour after that.....Man i felt horrible. I woke up the next morning and made a call to my sister...her son was puking also, my other sister was sick as her older son...That evening I couldn't take it no more, my fever was 103, I couldn't keep anything down, not even 7-up, so i went to urgent care.....Mistake!!!! I was there for almost 4 hours, they didn't give me nothing for a fever, it actually got higher as i was there, they couldn't get an iv in me, cuz the nurse didn't know what she was doing....finally the doc got smart and said...you need to go to the er....So off I went!! I was there till like 6 am, but felt alittle better...They gave me fluids....lots of fluids and i rested the whole day, then my hubby started getting sick and running a fever....Man i couldn't get over how many people got sick at one time......The er dr. said it was a gastro intestional bug/virus...I think it ended up being like 9 people total that was sick...My mother and brother was sick but they just had headache, sore throat..more like a sinus cold or something......Hope next thanksgiving is better:)
Today I am feeling better, still trying to take it easy and be lazy alittle before i go at things full force and end up sick again......Im back to blogging and I am happy!!
Happy Holidays to you all!!

My Review of Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer Multi-Bin Toy Organizer

>Originally submitted at CSN Stores

This charming and functional Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer Toy Organizer makes tidying up fun. Each tier of the organizer serves its own function. The toy box is perfect for storing larger items while the storage bins are great for storing small accessories. It features an adorable Nickelodeon Dora...

A great investment:)

By Joanna from Huber Heights, Ohio on 11/30/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Easy set up, Bright Colors, Sturdy but not too heavy, Cute, Fun

Best Uses: storage, Toddlers, Toys

Describe Yourself: Budget Shopper

Was this a gift?: No

I recieved this product for review...I went with it for my grandaughters toys, what a great investment...Now i can keep them organized in a fashion that interests her as well. She loves Dora! It was easy for set up, the colors are bright and very cute.


I'm Back!

Well, If you haven't noticed...I have been gone for sometime:( I sure have missed my followers and missed reading such great blogs. Alot has been going on beyond my control lately and really needed my attention so I had to take a break. I am sorry...But the good news is, I'm Back and I am going to take this holiday break time to catch up on my blogging and hopefully make some new bloggie friends:))

I'm really glad to be down with my quarter of college, oh how i thought that would never end...I am off till March:) Yeah I have decided to take a quarter off to catch up on life..

Here in Ohio we have not had any snow, but lots of thunderstorms and rain:(( Where is Old Man Winter? Hey I might just be jinxing myself there:) I'm wanting a white christmas, so time will tell..

My husband's nephew was hit by a car and is still in a coma after 2 1/2 weeks, hopefully everything turns out and he pulls thru, Prayers sure do change things, so extra ones are always welcome:) Thanks! He is only 16 and is strong willed....Please Pray!!

My brother and his family came to visit for Thanksgiving..It was nice to have the whole family together and getting to visit was wonderful:0 Bad thing is that like 8 of us got sick on friday after turkey day and I ended up in the er....My fever was 103...I was dehydrated and my sugar was high, oh my...I was a mess! Luckily they got me functioning again and tonight i sit in bed, still feeling alittle bad, but taking it one day at a time....

I have recieved a few things in the mail over the past month.
Excited to get to do a few reviews on some products...that will be posted on a later day:)) So be sure to come back and check them out....

I can't believe it's almost December!! Where has time gone? My grandbaby will be 11 months in december.....My mom turns 72 and Christmas is going to be a great one, I pray!! And no snow yet, really blows my mind....But hey i am not complaining!!

Well just alittle catch you upper.....Come back and visit more as I am going to be busy Blogging!!!!

Happy Blogging to all!!!!


What shall I pick?

I am very excited to have been asked to do a review again for CSN Online Store. I can never pass up a great oppurtunity and they are so nice to work with. I have not yet decided what to review, like always I pretty much get to choose the item of my choice..Now what could be better than that....Well browsing there sites they have so many things to choose from. Redecorating and need some barstools or need some new pans for the kitchen, there are many to choose from! Check them out if you haven't already....Hassle Free and Free Shipping on just about everything. Great time for holiday shopping:)


I have not been on here lately, Not really slacking just tending to a busy schedule.. This time of year and we have all been sick off and on, my husband had kidney stones, I have been extra busy with being behind with school work and we have a underground water leak in our front yard!! yeah alittle overwhelming but I am surviving. I have missed blogging and following my blogger friends:) I just wanted to say i haven't forgot about my bloggie world and I hope to be able to start blogging more and more..I'm in Ohio and the weather today is beautiful outside, i could actually go rake some leaves but no use since we have tons of trees around the yard, and they will just cover up again......Hope everyones halloween was great, Me and my husband went to a friends house for the night, had a drink and had a bonfire it was nice but really windy.....On that note..I cannot believe that Thanksgiving like n a few weeks.then we have christmas!! Where has the time gone...Thanks for still following me and I'll be sure to visit you all soon.....Take Care!


Adult Review Only

I was so excited to get this chance again...and I so needed the boost:)
I absoulutly loved this Red Satin Sexy Gown!

As seeing in on the website and real person, It is the same:) I love the feel of the gown, satin is always so soft and smooth...My husband was very excited that I got to do another product testimonial from an adult site..What I intended this gown for was well worth attempting to bring back that flare in the bedroom, and Boy did it work:)

Now I am by no means as little as the model in the picture, I am a Plus Size woman, i guess I can admit:)

I felt sexy in this and It really made a big smile on the husbands face.....Now that right there tells me I didn't go wrong with picking this product:)

Be elegant and sexy in this charming red gown by Fantasy Lingerie. Crafted of soft stretch satin, this gown will embrace your curves in all the right places. The sheer front panel features an embroidered mesh with beautiful floral designs. The bustline has a scalloped lace trim, and features a red rosette in the center

The length was perfect for me because I am tall...I did have a little bit of itchy feeling but after washing this sexy gown the itch is starting to fade away. After my washing of this satin lingerie the material is still in good shape as it was when I first received it in the mail and wore it.

My husband loves the feel of the material, smooth, satin and silky.

My sister just met a guy friend and things are kicking it off really well, I told her about Eden Fantasy.Com and she has already started making a wardrobe for her new love:) I am excited for her and myself.

Can't wait to continuing doing more reviews, as I love the pleasure and the look that I get from my husband everytime I say "I got a surprise for you:)"

I would recommend this gown to all my friends and family that would need a little boost to get there flame burning in the bedroom....

Eden Fantasy's Website is one of the largest and best adult online store. I just love browsing there products and reading all the postive responses from the products.

I look forward to wearing more sexy lingerie in the near future and so does my husband. He has no complaints and he actually ask now and again " Have you sent for any new thing from your adult website"? :)

So for all you ladies that could use a boost to relight that flame in the bedroom, Head on over to Eden Fantasy and check out there great products....

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))