The Bug......

This thanksgiving was wonderful, but the day after was horrible....We all gathered at my nephews house and was playing cards, had a few drinks, ordered pizza and went home....Well around 3 am I woke my hubby up and told him my stomach was killing me, and not long after that I was hugging the toilet:(( Once every hour after that.....Man i felt horrible. I woke up the next morning and made a call to my sister...her son was puking also, my other sister was sick as her older son...That evening I couldn't take it no more, my fever was 103, I couldn't keep anything down, not even 7-up, so i went to urgent care.....Mistake!!!! I was there for almost 4 hours, they didn't give me nothing for a fever, it actually got higher as i was there, they couldn't get an iv in me, cuz the nurse didn't know what she was doing....finally the doc got smart and said...you need to go to the er....So off I went!! I was there till like 6 am, but felt alittle better...They gave me fluids....lots of fluids and i rested the whole day, then my hubby started getting sick and running a fever....Man i couldn't get over how many people got sick at one time......The er dr. said it was a gastro intestional bug/virus...I think it ended up being like 9 people total that was sick...My mother and brother was sick but they just had headache, sore throat..more like a sinus cold or something......Hope next thanksgiving is better:)
Today I am feeling better, still trying to take it easy and be lazy alittle before i go at things full force and end up sick again......Im back to blogging and I am happy!!
Happy Holidays to you all!!

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