A Big Thank You:)

I won a Yum Yum Candle Giveaway awhile back on one2try and today I got my package:)) Yeah.....It made my day!
I originally won a Peachy Cream Mega Bath Bomb and a Bottle of Mango Colada room spray...Which by the way these items smell very good and the room spray comes in a little tie sack, very handy!! ..with my winnings I also got a little sticky note saying that since it was delayed getting to me that they gave me an extra item :) Wasn't that so nice of them....I got a yum yum candle/flavored Pineapple Punch and it smells just like the name....

I just wanted to say thanks to Yum Yum Candle for the extra item and that these items are awesome..and A Thank You to one2try for the giveaway:)).I am going to be checking out some more things on the site to order.....these are great ideas for Mothers Day.....:))

A few of My Shopping Trips using Coupons:))

Ok This was my latest Shopping Trip to Rite Aid, I actually just got my card in the mail and thought i would give it a shot at saving on a few things...I am glad I did:)
Rite Aid has the Old Spice Body Wash on sale for $2.99 and you get +2 up rewards back on next purchase....I had coupons for B1G1 FREE....so~I bought one for 2.99 and got one free plus I got two +2up rewards back which makes that $4.00 in up rewards and I only paid $2.99 for both Body Washes:)) That is a good deal!!
I also saw another deal while in there on the BIC Flex 4 Razors~ They were $4.99 and if you bought 2 you got +2 up rewards on next purchase..I had coupons for $3.00 off one...I used 2/$3 coupons which made them $1.99 each and I got $2+ rewards back...

My total out of pocket was $ 8.09 with tax and I got $6.00 back in +up rewards:))
I paid $2.09 for 2 packs of BIC Flex 4 Razors and 2 Bottles of Old Spice Body Wash!!
My total wellness+ savings $9.20 and my savings with coupons was $8.99

Razors Reg: 7.29
on sale: 4.99
coupon: 3.00 off

Body Wash Reg: 5.29
on sale: 2.99
coupon: B1G1 FREE
up rewards: 2+

I bought 2 of each in this picture~

They have a sale on the Participating Cereals and snack bars...Buy 4 @ 2.79 and get a $5.00 gift card at checkout:))
I bought 8 boxes in two transactions and recieved $10.00 in gift cards..plus I used a coupon on the cereals..buy 3 and save 1.50 so I paid
$9.66 for 4 boxes and got $5.00 back
$11.16 for 4 other boxes and got $5.00 back
so on both I paid $18.82 and got $10 back in gift cards:)) That is another good deal!! So head on over to your krogers and stock up on some cereal:))


SoftSoap Body Washes 3/$9 with $3 ECB'S
I had coupons $1/1 and i used 3 of those which made it 3/$6 and then with the $3 ECB'S IT MAKES IT 3/$3:))
The Clean and Clear body wash I had a raincheck for it was $2.99 and I had a B1G1 FREE...

I have started me alittle stockpile:)) I really enjoy using coupons and saving money and mostly getting things for free or close to free:))

Thanks for stopping by and Have a Bloggy Happy Day!!!


Walgreens 7 Days of Deals

I saw this ad on a blog and it works:))
I go today to pick my 8x10 picture up for free, it was yesterdays deal::))

This is actually my 2nd time using a free photo print from walgreens.....Try it!! It's free and they usually have good deals on prints..


Supreme Protein Bars Review

Who doesn't love to get a chance to try something new? I know I do:) I was giving the opportunity to try 4 Supreme Protein Bars in exchange for my honest opinion.

First let me tell you about Supreme Protein

Delicious, nutritious and convenient, Supreme Protein® just might be the ultimate functional food. Each sensational flavor is nutritionally designed to significantly impact your physique-enhancing goals.

They are award winning for a few years now from its premium-quality protein blend—powered by ultra-pure whey isolate as its primary source—to the truly amazing taste. Supreme Protein® has emerged to become a leader in the protein bar market. In fact, no other product of its kind has earned more accolades and awards than this gourmet brand.

My Review:

I received these protein bars just like Kelly said I would. They came a few days after she said she mailed them out, so the timely manner was right on time:) I was sent Carmel Nut Chocolate, Peanut Buttter Bar, PB Pretzel Twist and PB&J. I got to tell you these protein bars are awesome!! They taste so good and for everyone the taste is exactly what it says it is:)) I especially liked the PB Pretzel Twist!

I would recommend these to anyone looking to find the right protein bar.

Enjoy your favorite flavor today!

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))