~Sunday Stealing~

Sunday Stealing: The Tell Me About Yourself Meme

1. When is your birthday? October 5

2. Where were you born? at the hospital

3. Where do you live now? in the country and love it:)

4. What is your heritage? German/French/and not sure whatelse

5. Tell us about a weakness. too many to list!

6. What's a goal that you'd like to achieve? get my kids organized with schoolwork

7. What is the most overused internet phrase? Ummm......well that one i'll have to think on:)

8. What was your first thought this morning? can't we sleep more

9. When do you usually go to bed? 10

10. Do you smoke? If not, did you ever? nope i never smoked

11. Do you like your current relationship status? yuppers:)

12. Do you (or did you) get along with your parents? we get along great

13. How often do you drink alcohol? never

14. Have you ever tried drugs (that weren't prescribed)? never

15. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? If yes, do tell. many years ago? No i would have to say i have never:)

16. If given the choice, how would you like to die? peacefully

17. What did you want to be when you grew up? a teacher

18. Have you ever been dumped? no

19. What's on your pizza? everything

20. Have you ever shoplifted? wow...if i ever did it would have been sometime ago...and my memory isn't all that good:)) i don't think i ever did!


~Welcome to My Saturday 9~

1. When was the last time you jetted away for the holidays?
Well I would have to say never.....I have only flown twice and it was for my fathers surgeries....Never for a holiday!

2. What is your fondest birthday memory?
Oh wow.....I really only remeber one and that is when my family tricked me on my 13th birthday and acted like they forgot about me and i was asked to babysit and i said yes,,,,then when i got to my sisters to watch her son....they were all there and had me a surprise party:0

3. What names do you go by?
Mom, Joanna, Jo-Jo and can't forget the famous one...Hey you!

4. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks?
I am looking forward to having a good christmas this year!

5. Where is your least favorite place to be, and why?
In the city...because i have lived in the country for a while now and i can't stand crowds of people and traffic.......Im a road rager:))

6. Have you ever had a scary stalker type?No i don't think i have or well i hope i don't

7. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Don't really have one.

8. What are two activities you do after eating Thanksgiving Dinner?
Sit and watch football and take a nap

9. What did your family do for Thanksgiving when you were a kid? Do you still do it? If not explain why.
We never did anything fancy...Just cook, eat and visit with one another....and watch football:)

Stop on over at join the fun with all the good questions for Saturday 9:)



1. Wait! Wait, don't forget That Christmas isn't all about gift:).

2.Thanksgiving followed at once by Christmas Decorating.

3. The trouble is I have no money :)).

4. My family are too many miles away.

5. With a faint pop My back ached and I was screaming.

6. Last nights moon glarewas shadowy and ominous.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing and reading.....(because i have signed up for the Thanksgiving Challenge Reading Weekend:)) tomorrow my plans include catching up on cleaning and laundry on Sunday, I want to _relax and enjoy time with family before the week starts back up!





I just wanted to say Thank You to all my followers:) I have finally reached 100! YIP~EEEEEEE:) I'm excited....I just started blogging in October and I am totally addicted and I love it:))

I hope everyone has a Great and Happy Thanksgiving:)


Yeah I admit it:) I am behind....I signed up for the Vintage Christmas Monday and I didnt' get my chance to post mine..WHY..Well I'm glad you asked! I had a busy monday that i didn't plan on having....My husband had to be off to work by 5am....which i get him up and ready by 4am....Then my daughter had her Ob/Prenatal Appt at 8am..so I decided to just stay awake....then her glucose sugar test was scheduled and that takes an hour after you drink it.....Well by the time we got home it was 1pm......Yeah along freakn morning at the dr.s office. I was very pleased with myself though i didn't go crazy....lol
Then it was time for school work....which by this time I didn't feel like doing nothing but going to bed......so After the kids got work started I had to lay down.....well as tired as I was you would have thought i could've slept all night.....NOT!! I couldn't even fall asleep......GGGRRRRRRR!!!!!yeah im ready to scream by now...BUT! I didn't well atleast not at that moment..lol
So dinner time was approaching faster than i wanted but I had to feed my family:)) Yeah I know im just so thoughtful and nice...lol really I am!
So My husband was late getting in from work......which just made my flame alittle bigger......anywhooo!!!!
The night time has come......I didn't get a chance to do anything on my agenda....but that is alright! Time is not everything:)) well atleast not all the time!!!!
So....It's time to settle in and BAM.....My husband needs something from walmart! WTH!!!!It's 10pm.....Mind I live in the country which is 30 minutes from town:( So off to venture at walmart for a few things......I return at around 11:30pm.....
By this time i'm pretty much sleep walking.....yeah i even drove with my eyes closed....just joking!

Alright so now it's bedtime.....but the downside of it is it's freakn midnight and I gotta get up with the husband in 4hrs......
Well that was my day.....sorry to bore ya but hey believe me ....IT WAS NO WHERE NEAR BORING ON MY SIDE:))



~I just couldn't resist~

While going thru updated blogs that I follow, I found a post on Vintage Patina:http://vintagepatina.blogspot.com/2009/11/vintage-christmas-monday.html that caught my eye! I'm excited to find this as I'm slowly getting into the christmas spirit.....

From now until Christmas there will be a Vintage Christmas Monday. Stop on over and check her great vintage christmas ideas out and then stop on over to anything goes/http://thepottingshed-anythinggoeshere.blogspot.com sign up to participate....Look forward to seeing your great vintage christmas ideas:))))

All ya gotta do is post every Monday about your vintage christmas:) Yup that easy!
Well I'm off to go start on mine.......Happy Blogging:))



Ok.....I was waiting so long for this movie to finally come and BAM.....Nov 20, 2009 came and it's out! Well I didnt' get to go out and watch it at the theaters so I just waited patiently until it came online for me to watch and Oh it was worth the wait....well i only had to wait 2 days and I watched it for free:))

I love Edward Cullen:)) (Shhhhhhhh.Don't tell the hubby) lol
The movie is awesome~keeps ya on your feet and you get your eyes full:))yeah the body of Jacob and Edward~ Oh i so thought i was in heaven:)) lol I'm just full of it aren't I? lol
Well the ending~all i can say is Your gonna have to watch it and see for yourself

So now that I've seen it I am already for the next one........Why do movies end leaving you wondering what's going to happen next? Oh i just could scream..well i actually did scream and my husband thought i was having a heart attack......

We wait so long just for our suspension to get put back on hold again.....
So until the next one:
Which is June 30th, 2010 this is just torture ya'll:))

~Oh so much Excitement~ NOT!

Wow....I have just returned from entering a few giveaways and I tell ya it's hard work:)) lol I am hoping to get lady luck on my side and let me win something! How many of you out there actually enter giveaways? Alot from the looks of it. I was told I won something awhile back but never recieved anything so I am kinda leary on if I will actually win something and me recieve it:) Anyone else had this happen to them? Just curious! So today has been pretty boring for me and the husband. My excitement for the day was to go out venturing to the grocery store for some milk and cheese:) and then to the library so i could grab me a few christmas books for my 2009 reading challenge~I'm looking forward to seeing what books everyone else has choosen to read, come on we can make this happen! Reading 5 books from Nov 20-Dec 31st.....A Piece of Cake!! (yeah i better practice what i preach huh:))lol)
I have started on my other blog which i will do book reviews on so it's coming together nicely:) Check it out sometime~ I have a link on here that will take you right to it...Hey and if there is anyone out there that can give me any advice please~please~please holler at me:) Listen to me beg!lol
We stopped at my mother n laws grave today to see if the headstone was in yet but they won't be there till tuesday to start the base of it~Can't wait till it gets there Oh it's a beautiful one and I know she would approve!
Tonight for dinner is just what ever.....Heck no kids~The husband can fend for himself for once:) Me i will eat some cereal or something......it's my favorite snack anyways, i'll survive:0
Well I recken i'm gonna stop here so i can venture out into the wonderful blogosphere and see what i can get into...Thank Ya Much for stopping by and hope to see ya soon! Have a Great Saturday Evening

♥~2009 Holiday Reading Challenge~♥

This is so up my alley:) I'm planning on making a trip to the library today and pick me up my books! I look forward to seeing what other bloggers are reading in this challenge

Challenge Requirements:

1- Challenge will start Friday, November 20 and will end Thursday, December 31.

2- You can read anywhere from 1 to 5 books for the challenge and, of course, if you're like me, you are more than welcome to surpass that number.

3- And now, here's the clincher... they must be holiday related books. That's right, the holiday doesn't really matter, but it would be more "jolly" if your choices were Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.

4- The size of the book does not matter, nor does the genre. It is also okay for the book to overlap with other challenges. The only thing I ask is that they are not children's books. YA is okay. And so are re-reads. I for one tend to read the same books every Christmas - they are tradition.

5- To sign up - leave a link back to your challenge post. There will also be a post for review links as well as one for challenge wrap-ups.

6- And.... there will be goodies. That's right, we'll call them presents. At the end of every week that the challenge is running I will choose one winner from the review links and I will allow them to pick a book of their choosing (of course, I will provide a list). Meaning the more books you read, review and link up, the more chances you have at winning a "present".

Stop on over @ All About/http://bookwormygirl.blogspot.com/2009/11/2009-holiday-reading-challenge.html? check out her blog and see all the bloggers in this challenge! Good Luck and Happy Reading!!



1. We need _to win the lottery___.
2. ___My hubby called and left me a voicemail~he said he loved me and missed me ___ and it made me smile.
3. If you want _anything learn to get it yourself....don't depend on anyone__.
4. __I don't like winter____ because ___it's cold out ___.
5. Massachusetts has a proposed 5% sales tax on elective cosmetic surgery; I think __it's a pretty fair percentage______.
6. _My Family___ makes for a happy holiday.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _watching a movie w/hubby while the kids are gone____, tomorrow my plans include _working in the yard, weather permitting____ and Sunday, I want to _BE LAZY____!

I'm finally gonna do a book review:)

Just something short and sweet that I just have to share with my Fellow Bloggers:)) Well i have been searching and trying to find a place to start on doing book reviews, I done the application process and was happy to see a email this morning from them giving me the chance to request a book of my choice.....I found a great site:) I'm so excited that I just can't wait to recieve the book and start reading it and then on to finish my 1st review! I have started on a different blog just for book reviews but since I have not actually done one (yet) it's pretty much empty,but give me time and it will be busy~busy~busy..Stop on over to get a glimpse at it and picture it in the near future:))http://iwannabookreview.blogspot.com Ok..maybe im getting too exctied.....But I LOVE TO READ!! I'm rather excited to read from an author that I have not read from......Wish me luck:)


♥~One More Award~♥

I recieved the Lemonade stand award for great attitude or gratitude from Manda over at "Manda Blogs About". She has an awesome blog that I know you guys will like.

Put the Lemonade logo on your blog or within your post.

Nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude or gratitude.

Link the nominees within your post.

Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

I am passing this award on to the following awesome Blogs:)
1. http://harmonysong.blogspot.com
2. http://ascendingbutterfly.blogspot.com
3. http://themommy-files.com
4. http://hipmamasplace.com
5. http://crazylittlethng-calledlife.blogspot.com
6. http://littlemissheirlooms.blogspot.com
7. http://jkbrouse.blogspot.com
8. http://bigbarefootangel.blogspot.com
9. http://juststopscreaming.com
10. http://happymomof5.blogspot.com

I will be on my way now to let everyone know that i have choosen them for this award...Be back later...Have a Great Evening:))

♥~Random Dozen~♥

Dawm~from DumbDawn.blogspot.com had left me a nice comment so i mosied on over to her blog page to return the favor and I came upon something I haven't tried...and of course it looked interesting and I wanted to see what my answers would be so:
There is a first time for everything and this is my first Random Dozen:)

1. If you could master one sport, what would it be?
I would have to say BASKETBALL because I have always been interested in it and tried for many years to understand it all while my oldest son played for 9 yrs now and I'm still confused:)).lol

2. When you make a major purchase, do you go with your gut instinct, or do you do research to make an informed decision?
I usually go with my gut instinct....it never lies:)

3. There is an old kids' game that says you can find out what your movie star name would be by using your middle name as your first name and the name of the street you grew up on as your last. What is your movie star name?
Lynn Archer

4. Would you rather give up your favorite music or your favorite food?
Well i will fight for food:))lol so i would have to say Favorite Music...

5. There are two types of banana preferences. One is pristine yellow, almost to the point of being green; the other is spotty and more ripe. Which is your preference?
Mine is in between....no spots and no green just pure yellow.....if anything other than that I won't dare eat it:)

6. Your favorite tree is?
My favorite tree would have to be a Wheepin Willow tree~They are the prettiest tree

7. On a scale of 1-10, how tech savvy are you?
I would have to say a 9~I am pretty good wit tech things..but not a genious at them:)

8. Has H1N1 touched your family?
Not within my family~Thank God but my dear friends grandson had a strand of it...but he is better now:)

9. Are you an analytical person, or do you just accept things the way they are without questioning or scrutinizing?
Oh no.....I always question:) and my hubby hates it...lol

10. Is your personality more like that of a dog, cat, or Koala?
A dog........but my bark is worse than my bite:)

11. Do you keep in touch with friends you made years ago?
Yes i try to as much as i can.......it's so nice:)

12. You are checking out at a grocery store. In the express lane, there are more people than the regular lanes, but of course, their load is less than those in the regular lanes. Which lane do you choose (assuming you qualify for the express lane) and why?
Just depends on what mood im in......If im in a hurry i will probably go back and forth until one is shorter than the other....lol

♥~7 Months into a Teen Pregnancy~♥

Alright~I haven't really had much time to blog about anything lately but i'm trying to get back in the routine of daily blogging.....why you ask well! Because I love to blog....it is my GET AWAY:) So what better thing to talk about than my daughters pregnancy ~It's been a long few months since I found out but as a family we have managed to make it through!

My daughter had just turned 14 in September and a few days past her birthday her and I were talking about Birth Control because she had this little boyfriend and her father and I had talked about bieng safe and hoping that she would make the right decisions~Well sometimes that doesn't always go your way..Ya know I was her age at one point in time!!!!..let me tell ya I'm proof:)) In the midst of our lovely conversation about me making her an appointment to have her put on some birth control....(to make a long story short) she said she was pregnant and was sure because she didn't have a period for some time and her boyfriend had bought a pregnancy test and it came back POSITIVE! Yes my mouth dropped to the floor, I fell out of my chair and I cried......I couldn't believe my ears and I think i was in shock when i think back a few months.. So I took her to urgent care....it came back POSITIVE~I took her to the community health center and it came back POSITIVE....I kept saying something isn't right here, they are saying she is PREGNANT:) Yeah I just wasn't ready to realize the truth..
Well her father and I talked and came to the only conclusion we know and that was to keep the baby! Knowing that this is my baby girl going to have a baby but we felt that this was the right choice~
So now i'm going to be a NANA:) I don't care to much for grandma because that will make me feel old and I'm far from that. lol I am only 36!

Well It's a Baby Girl and were going to name her or i should say her name is Gabriella Grace Elisabeth......She is due Feburary 17, 2010

This has really brought my daughter and I really close and I am glad to be by her side through this. Ya know I think she will be graduating high school while dropping her daughter off to kindergarten:))

So she has gained the weight, is really moody and sensitive....due to hormones......(oh an at times i could scream but I don't) Stretch marks are working there way in.....which i am hoping to get ahold of before they get to bad but that is just something that is out of my control! and Her appetite is crazy at times.

The baby moves alot now and is growing like a weed...The Dr.s say she is going to be a long baby......which my daughter was long when she was born....:))
You are probably asking is the Father in the picture?
Yes He is.....he comes to visit on the weekends and goes to Dr. appointments with us, his father has helped buy alot of the baby things which we are very thankful for......were slowly getting ready and she is coming fast:))lol It just seems like yesterday she told me and now were in the third trimester and going to the Dr.s every 2 weeks now:)
So were having a little family baby shower at my nephews house on thanksgiving...since that is the only time my big family gets together:)) I am looking forward to seein everyone!
Welp I will be sure to keep ya updated on my grandbaby when she gets here~I'm getting excited and nervouse as the days go bye but we will manage it all:))
Thanks for stopping by and have a Blessed Thursday!!!!

pregnancy due date


♥~The Simple Womans Day Book~♥

FOR TODAY, Wednesday, November 18, 2009...
Outside my window...It's raining and it's dark outside....Oh how i love the sound of rain falling:))
I am thinking...that im so glad the hubby was able to get his tooth pulled today:) seeing him in pain is hard:(
I am thankful for...my kids and husband and my family overall:)
From the learning rooms...were getting caught up since were behind due to the funeral and just letting the kids take a few days to get thru the emotions
From the kitchen....well......I made a few cheeseburgers on the foreman grill...
I am wearing...my sweats, and one of my hubby's t-shirts and socks..my feet are cold
I am creating....a mess on my blog page...trying to reconstruct it..lol
I am going....to go brush my hair and my teeth....i just got out of the shower
I am reading....no book right now, but alot of good blogs:)
I am hoping....that everything works out with my hubbys's new job
I am hearing....the furnace run!
Around the house....well everything is a mess pretty much.......house work is never done:))
One of my favorite things....is to see my children smile!
A few plans for the rest of the week:Well it's wednesday already, no appts or nothing just getting the kids caught up with the school work....and me with my blogging:)
Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...(This is my son Steven~ He is my True Cowboy:))



ten things tuesday...

Ten things that make my life easier:

1) Microwave~ So i don't have to cook all the time.....the kids can warm things up fast:)

2) Computer~To have things to do like talkin to friends and blogging.

3) Husband~He works to take care of us and im able to stay at home with the children:)

4) Short Hair~ it's easy to do something with at times.

5) E~mail~to keep in touch with family memebers.

6) Digital Camera~ easy to just take the picture and then download instead of takin to the store for develpment.

7) Money~ Money makes the world go round.

8) Family~They help me through out the days and makes things easier at time.

9) Clothes~Oh to keep me warm this time of year:))

10) Cell Phone~Cuz i can take it with me everywhere i go and you can reach me anytime or anywhere.





♥~Link From BLog~♥

So I have been wondering how people make money with there blogs. I want to start doing reviews and giveaways and what better way to do it than make money. So I haven't yet found out but i have come across a website that sounds great and real:) It's free and easy to sign up. I will keep you posted on how well this works. Check them out...Here is the link and Good Luck on Your Money Making Blog:))

buy blog reviews.

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This week let's list 5 things we have learned in life.

Here's my list:

1) I learned that sometimes things don't always go my way:)

2) I learned that money doesn't last a lifetime.

3) I learned that my grandbaby inside the belly can open and close her little eyes:)

4) I learned that there is something called PUPPS:It's a rash you get just from bieng pregnant....never heard of it before

5) I learned that my patiences has ended and i have none left!


Well I'm trying to redo my blog page and it's driving me nuts:)) So please bare with me as it will be messy, caution tape every where and you will hear lots of noises...(mostly screaming)lol...Thanks and I hope everyone has a Blessed Thursday!!


♥~Scratch here and Win~♥

Ok. So I check my mailbox this morning and I get this big envelope, I open and it is one of those things from a car dealership and it says scratch here and if your number matches the lucky number you win one of the 5 prizes:))lol I scratch it and my number matches! So I make my husband take me in there......(how fun that was:) We get greeted by this guy, he takes us to the next building.....Alot of people in there...Ok so i'm thinking how many people matched there numbers up.....Yeah i should have known what the trick was....He is trying to get us to buy and a new car right, after i just tell him no i'm not looking to buy i just came to see what I won:) Well he takes my envelope with the numbers on it, says " let me go match it up " and well see what you have won today, another salesman comes and tries to talk us into buying a car, we say no thanks.......the other guy comes back and says sorry we couldn't get you into a new car today but please consider us when you change your mind....and hands me 2 GOLD DOLLAR COINS:) Yeah 2 freakn coins.....I'm like WTH! The 5 choices of my winnings was a new car, 2,500 cash, up to 1,000 in gold coins:)) ~UP TOO~ a flat screen t.v. and or 100.00 cash.....AND HE GIVES ME 2 DAM DOLLARS:)) I LAUGHED ALL THE WAY HOME:)))) Ok for one they lied because there was no board to match my number up too....they just gave me 2 dollars in gold coins:)) Every time i say or type that i just laugh:)) Well this was my adventure for the day and oh me and my husband just laughed.....Now that is a memory maker:))))
Then there was this key glued on the page and they didn't even know what it was for? So when I'm looking to buy a car I be going somewhere else....To me that is false advertisment:))
Well Goodnight Ya'll:)


♥~Time to Show it off~♥

This is a week or so over due...Since I havent' been on here lately i didn't get that chance to show off my new award that I recieved:))
Manda over @ Mandablogsabout.blogspot/ chose me as one of the 7 for the Kreativ Blogger Award. She is all about Kreativ..so go on over and check her blog out!

Ok~ The Rules for accepting this Kreativ Blog is....

Tell 7 things that you don't already know about me.
Name 7 other blogs to receive this award
Leave a comment on each of the blogs I nominated
Thank the person who gave you the award.

So on with the Seven things you don't know about me. (Thinking:)

1.I'm the youngest of 7 kids:)
2.I love Dr. Pepper
3.My favortie color is Purple/Orange
4.I don't watch t.v.
5.I'm going to be a nana in Feb 2010:))
6.I love to cook~ sometimes
7.I have never broke a bone!(thank goodness)

Okay, so now you know some interesting things about me that you didn't know before, here are the seven blogs that I am gonna pass this award onto:Enjoy!!

So there you go, you all deserve it and I hope you enjoy your new award. :)

So now I'm off to let all these bloggers know they have one waiting for them!



I can't help but wonder why some people die so slowly:( As I have blogged about in another post about my MIL that is dying w/cervical cancer. She is hanging on for some reason that we all cannot figure out. She is no longer eating, or drinking and she has no weight on her body what so ever.....(pretty much a bag of bones)..She is in and out of it and talking off the wall most the time and other times she is just her normal self.. Mind you she is on morphine when she will allow someone to give it to her...Her blood pressure has dropped, her heart and lungs sound good but she is just suffering! Why do some people go through this? I just don't understand any of this...With my family I have never had to deal with it like this, but with my Husbands family, they bring the sick family member home to die. I would never wish anything like this on my worst enemy, it is just horrifying to watch her slowly wither away from this Beautiful Woman to ....................
I'm going to close this blog with a quiet prayer for her and the family!

♥~National Blogging Month is here~♥

National Blog Posting Month: 30 Posts in 30 Days
Ok I came upon this at http://theunexperiencedmom.blogspot.com/ There are really no rules except you blog 30 post in 30 days:) So all you bloggers out there jump in and start blogging!
Basically, the goal is to write one post a day for the entire month. No need to sign up anywhere or do anything other than blog!
I'm looking forward to reading some good blogs this month:)) HAPPY BLOGGING!

(Please leave a comment on my blog if you are going to take part in this so I can remember to check your blog for new posts frequently!)

♥~Quotable Sunday~♥

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

I came upon this "QUOTABLE SUNDAY" meme while catching up with my followers blogs.
I haven't tried this one so I'm new to this one....But it looks fun. You grab the link, make a post about anything that you would like to on quotes and then go check out other blogs that have participated in this as well....There are some good postings out there...Oh be sure to leave your link @ A Daily Dose of Toni http://juststopscreaming.com/2009/11/quotable-sunday-housework- she has some good ones, go on check her out and start your quotes for the day:)I have choosen to do LIFE qoutes...

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Your life is what your thoughts make it.
Marcus Aurelius

My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.
Cary Grant

Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be.
Jose Ortega y Gasset

Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.
Sholom Aleichem

"Life is short and so is money."
-Bertolt Brecht

"It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it."
-W. Somerset Maugham


This image is from Banner Quotes
Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))