♥~Scratch here and Win~♥

Ok. So I check my mailbox this morning and I get this big envelope, I open and it is one of those things from a car dealership and it says scratch here and if your number matches the lucky number you win one of the 5 prizes:))lol I scratch it and my number matches! So I make my husband take me in there......(how fun that was:) We get greeted by this guy, he takes us to the next building.....Alot of people in there...Ok so i'm thinking how many people matched there numbers up.....Yeah i should have known what the trick was....He is trying to get us to buy and a new car right, after i just tell him no i'm not looking to buy i just came to see what I won:) Well he takes my envelope with the numbers on it, says " let me go match it up " and well see what you have won today, another salesman comes and tries to talk us into buying a car, we say no thanks.......the other guy comes back and says sorry we couldn't get you into a new car today but please consider us when you change your mind....and hands me 2 GOLD DOLLAR COINS:) Yeah 2 freakn coins.....I'm like WTH! The 5 choices of my winnings was a new car, 2,500 cash, up to 1,000 in gold coins:)) ~UP TOO~ a flat screen t.v. and or 100.00 cash.....AND HE GIVES ME 2 DAM DOLLARS:)) I LAUGHED ALL THE WAY HOME:)))) Ok for one they lied because there was no board to match my number up too....they just gave me 2 dollars in gold coins:)) Every time i say or type that i just laugh:)) Well this was my adventure for the day and oh me and my husband just laughed.....Now that is a memory maker:))))
Then there was this key glued on the page and they didn't even know what it was for? So when I'm looking to buy a car I be going somewhere else....To me that is false advertisment:))
Well Goodnight Ya'll:)

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Chacoy said...

LOL, that is too funny. What a bunch of A*%H(#*#!! At least they gave you your gas money back!! Having my first giveaway:)So come by and enter!

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))