♥~My CountDown Day #9~♥

Ok so I'm doing this countdown thing just to give me some experience in the blog world and also because I love Halloween:) Today my favorite thing about Halloween is

the candy! Oh I love me some candy corn, i always grab me a bag when i make a trip to wally world:) When my kids were younger i didn't have to buy candy because they got way too much trick~or~treating but now that they do not go and they are just way to old for trick~or~treating (so they say)haha...I go out and buy my own. I usually try to keep a dish of it around the house, now when i say dish i don't necessarily mean it's full all the time:))(blushes)!! I know it's not good for me while i'm trying to start a diet but oh.....it's just so tempting I can't resist..lol

On my adventure to find things to blog about on my countdown to halloween i came upon 10 Interesting Halloween Facts:
1.The next full moon on Halloween night will be October 31, 2020
2.The first "Jack-O-Lanterns" were not pumpkins - they were hollowed-out turnips and originated in Ireland.
3.An October 2008 CNN Poll showed:

• A majority of us, 48 percent, believe in ghosts.
• Twenty-two percent of Americans say they’ve seen or felt a ghost.
• Women are more likely to say they believe in ghosts than are men.
• More than half of younger Americans aged 18 to 45 believe in ghosts.
• A whopping 78 percent of us believe in life after death.
4.One of the "most filmed" movie characters (if not the most filmed) is Dracula.
5.Halloween is one of the oldest Holidays!
6.Historic event that happened on Halloween Day in 1918:
Spanish flu kills 21,00 people in the U.S. in one week
7.In 834 The first Halloween (All Hallows Eve) is celebrated
8."Trick or Treat for UNICEF" started 1950 in Philadelphia. A group of young trick-or-treaters, accompanied by their pastor, collected $17 for children-in-need overseas.
9.The official Orange and Black colors of Halloween came from orange being associated with fall harvest and black symbolizing darkness and death and that there is no words in teh dictionary that rhyme with "orange"
10.Halloween is not celebrated in all countries and regions of the World. The celebration in the United States has had a big impact on how Halloween is celebrated.

Well it's nothing fancy but I wanted to keep my word and do my blog! If you already knew about my facts sorry your reading something you already read before but for you that hasn't please enjoy!


blueviolet said...

Have you tried the new caramel apple flavored candy corn? That's good stuff!

CityGirl GoneCountry said...

No i haven't tried them yet, but i need to cuz im getting burnt out on the origianl :))haha.....Thanks for stopping by!

dealightfullyfrugal said...

The Gratitude Challenge is for any day of the week. It is actually a 21 day challenge, but sometimes I skip a day here or there. If you would like to read more, you can click on the widget on my blog. There you can download a copy of the challenge and pledge.

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))