I haven't been here for a few days so i thought today was the day. I am thankful that today is friday because for us it means "PAYDAY":) I woke up in not so good of a mood....I don't understand why that is but oh well! Today it is really gloomy outside and they are calling for rain/snow showers tomorrow which i am no ready for. I had plans to go to the "Fall Festival of Leaves", it's a festival that takes place in Bainbridge,Oh every october. There is food, crafts, rides and funnel cakes:)) lol I like going there because i like to get me a John Deere Hoodie there every year. Ya know it us to be that the whole family would go places together and now that my kids are all teenagers now that when i say festival they say oh.....can i go with so n so? lol So it looks like this year it might just be me and the hubby, which is ok with me cuz i haven't had much alone time with him and i could really use it about now. Also tomorrow is sweetest day so what better way to spend it just the husband! I have joined a few blogger clubs which i think are the neatest.....I had no clue as to how many people blog, it just amazes me. So i look forward to reading alot more blogs and getting alot of new ideas. I'm proud of myself since i was able to make a badge for facebook....lol yeah to me that is a big step!lol Tonight we will probably eat out, we usually do on friday's and i like it because i get out of the kitchen atleast one night a week:) Our dog which is a pit-bull and his name is demon......he is afraid to walk down our hallway because the washer n dryer and then our furnace closet is there too....it must be the noise or the heat or maybe even the vibration, what ever it is makes him pee....lol now it's only funny once and then when he continues to keep doing it and i am the one to clean it up......OK not so funny anymore.....He never goes in the house it's wierd! Well lets' see....The kids are alittle behind on the school work, due to me being very unorganized.....i am trying so hopefully that i can get all organized by monday and we can start a fresh week. My husband didn't work two days this week due to the rain.....which for him was good because he got to mess with his truck and garage....ya know men stuff! Well i believe i will end it here.....Never know i might be back later..Happy Blogging Friday!!

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Native American Momma said...

welcome to blog land LOL I also love the mom bloggers club ning
I am living in the moment but once in a while I look forward to going somewhere and holding my husbands hand and not holding sticks and wiping boogies.

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))