My Mother~N~Law is one of the strongest women I have ever met in my 36 years of living. She is a Mother~Daughter~Aunt~Sister~Friend~and Grama to a big family!
I met her alittle over 17 years ago when I met my now Husband. She has been like a 2nd mother to me through the years. In November of 2008 she became ill and wasn't feeling good and was in pain all the time~ If you knew this family they are very stubborn when it comes to Dr.s~Hospitals~Medical Care. Anywhoo..She couldn't take it any longer so she went to urgent care and there they told her she had a UTI....mind you that is what they all say.....Well she took her antibiotics like she was told to for a few days and then she became really sick.....so she goes to the E.R. and there they tell her they found a mass of some sort and they are going to send her to another hopital in Columbus.....While this is happening I am 2 hr away visiting my mother....Anywhoo.....we all make it to the Hospital and all that stuff......This is when we hear the devistating news......."CANCER"....The words no body ever wants to hear..This is the same hospital that her sister is in getting ready to have surgery because she has Pancreatic Cancer......She lost a sister a few years ago from Breast Cancer....and now Her:(( It has been 1 Yr and 4 days todate that we found out. They tell family that she needs to take Chemo with around 6 months to live....Another set of words you never wanna hear. So she begins her 1st Chemo Treatment the day before she gets to come home........Were all excited she is coming home...after being in the hospital for over a week or so.....Thanksgiving Time and were all ready to have a family gathering....We are blessed! Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without her Baked Beans and her fruit salad (that she made just for me)lol....Oh and her Mashed Potatoes.....gotta have some of those.....My daughter is really close to her Grandma Toby...She went to her for everything especially when i wouldn't give it to her or let her have her way:)
With her Chemo treatments they told her she would loose her hair...All of it and this was a hard struggle for her....she loved her hair and always took pride in it and kept it long, so as a few treatments come and gone she was loosing patch after patch....so she decided to cut it off to maybe shoulder length and maybe that would help with loosing it
(This is Her and My Father~n~Law)This was taken in December of 08 at her 54th Birthday Party....She has a twin sister Toni and they had never really had a party for there B-Day so me~other daughter~n~law and daughter threw it together and it was perfect! Her family & friends showed up, they got gifts, we ate and she sang a song for all us....It was Beautiful:)) Christmas comes around and were so thankful to be able to share it with her" She loved her trees at Christmas time....It was always so nice and pretty! The ham was delicious,
see gathering at The N~Laws was a must.....It has happended every year..
She has lost more hair and decided to just shave it off to help with waking up every day with more hair on her pillow or in the sink..
A few more Chemo Treatments and the Dr.s are amazed at her progress, the cancer hasn't spread any and she is gaining her wieght back and doing good...So they decide it's time to give her a break from treatments and let her enjoy summer....we come to july I believe of 2009 and she goes in for a cat scan and it shows a new large mass has formed.......We go through everything over again but this time the Dr.s say NO TREATMENT WILL HELP:( We are devastated again.....They said 6 months to live and here it's been 8 months....Why? Prior to leaving the hospital again they arrange for Hospice to come into the home and take care of her needs..She has become paralyzed from waist down and been in the bed since August I would say. It's now november 1 year from the time she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer and we have come to end of our fight..She is still with us but were just waiting on the phone call! That sounds so bad, ya know....She is fighting! The Dr.s and nurses say she should have been gone along time ago but she isn't ready to leave us..We are not ready for her to leave us!!(As tears form in my eyes) I just wanna scream sometimes because this is something that is so hard to understand....She is such a good person, a wonderful mother~a great wife~the best grandma.....I had been thinking of doing a blog on her fight thru this so i decided to go ahead and do one to help get some feeling out.....I just dont want to see her suffer no more...! When they call for a angel.....her time will have come:((



my heart and prayers are with all of you!

Loralee and the gang... said...

So sorry about your MIL. Sounds like she is a courageous lady who has lots of people around her who love her.

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))