♥~5 ?'s Friday~♥

Ok....I'm joining in on my first 5 Questions Friday, which i picked up from http://theunexperiencedmom.blogspot.com/ you should go over to her blog and check her answers out......Go Ahead It's O.K.:)

1. Whats your favorite horror movie?
Well I can't sit down long enough to watch movies, and i don't like scary movies...cuz I'm a chicken:-)

2. Bath tub or Hot tub?
Hot tub. Oh Hot Tub.......

3. Do you prefer to view a movie at the theater or at home?
I am not really a t.v. or movie watcher. But if i had to choose it would be Home because i can't stand a large amount of people in one confined area......Drives me nuts:))

4. If you could chose a maid, cook or chauffeur, which one would you choose?
Well....I don't really drive that much......I cook when i feel like it but the cleaning I do every darn day and I would like a MAID PLEASE!! I said please:-)

5. Electric Slide, Boot Scootin' Boogie, or the Macarena?
I know how to do the Electric Slide, Kinda good at the Boot Scootin Boogie and I don't know nothing about the Macerna....So The electric slide.....

That was fun! Looking forward to next week's questions!! Come back next friday and see what questions we got then......

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