I have fallen but I was able to get up:)lol

Ok I can admit that I am clumpsy sometimes, but this time it wasn't my fault:)
My daughter had her friend comin over last night and our dog, demon~which is a pit~bull (the biggest baby ever) always barks and attacks the glass doors if he one...didn't hear car doors and you just walk up on the back porch and two if he don't know you! like any dog does, right?

Well I knew they were outside and he beat me to the door so i took him by the collar and was trying to put him in the other room until she came in and he knew she was here, well it was easier said than done! Let me tell ya!

I got ahold of his collar and my hand was in there pretty tight, and he tried to run from me in the hallway, well at that point he was takin me with him...yeah it was funny but when i fell into the washing machine and hit my forarm it wasn't funny anymore, I also hit my knee as i tried to catch myself, which i didn't do a very good job at.......(lol) My arm started to swell some, it didn't really hurt but it was burning alot.....so I thought i should go have it x~rayed!

Its alittle hard to see the bruise but its a big one:)) Ouch!
That was a whole new adventure in its self I tell ya!

To make a long story short my arm was not broke but i did hit it good and it's gonna be sore and of course bruised good for afew days....that I can live with!

What bothered me the most was while i was in the urgent care, waiting in between when the dr. and the aid was comin in to do what they needed to do, I kept hearing all the people working there talk about all the different patiences there and the reasons that they were there to be seen and then all the negative things they all had to say about each individual! I couldn't believe my ears, this is a professional place and these people are there for there help and i was very overwhelmed by that! So as soon as i get the survey in the mail i am for sure going to fill it out and tell them what i think of my visit to there urgent care and that i will not be returnig for nothing!

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Midnite Skys said...

good time you are ok! When I took my daughter after her fall and her arm swelled up they tried to x-ray her lungs... I was like for a swelled up arm?? They had the wrong file!! Some other little girl was on her way to get her arm x-rayed having a asthma attack......

I would let them know that you heard them too......

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))