Day 1 of 30 Days of Gratitude

Today is Day 1 of 30 Days of Gratitude in November There are so many things that i am thankful for in my life and I am really enjoying the fact that i found this so i can share with you all the special things in my life. Click on the picture above to head over and read all about this awesome Challenge!!! Day 1: 1.
I am very grateful for my family:) 2.
I know I know:)) I really am thankful for my Iphone 4S, is that wrong? I know alot out there gotta be thankful for it too......lol 3.
Especially at this time of year i love my crockpot...so easy to just throw somethings in there and let it cook itself:)) if you have any good recipes, please share!! 4.
My Granddaughter is my sunshine:)) I never knew i could love someone just as much as my kids and husband...until i met her:)) I do have another one on the way just not sure what the sex is, we are hoping for a Grandson:)) 5.
I got to admit...I am addicted to Dr. Pepper:)) So therefor i am grateful for it:)) I would love to stop drinking soda but it's so hard, any advice on stopping your soda intake please share!!! Thanks for stopping by......Be sure to come back daily as i share with everyone 5 things i am grateful for everyday for the month of November 2012

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