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I was giving the opportunity to do a review on a Fogless Shower Mirror from Toilet Tree Products. My thought at first was there is no way this mirror is gonna be fogless after we shower in hot water for sometime...This is one of those products that I would have never thought to purchase for myself, but has turned out to be incredibly amazing.

This mirror has become one of my good friends:) I no longer have a big hairy mess in my bathroom sink from hubby shaving and then not cleaning his mess up. With this Fogless Mirror by ToiletTree Products he shaves while in the shower and there is no mess to clean up and he no longer has to keep whiping the mirror off to see what he is doing.

My thoughts were so wrong about this product.

All you do is fill the water reservoir with hot water at the start of the shower and it stays fog free from the steam for the duration of your shower. Yes, You read that right....FOG FREE:)

Basically, the fogless shower mirror can attach anywhere you want it in the shower. You use the adhesive which is provided with the mirror and attach it where you want it in the shower. After 24 hours, it’s dried and secure on your wall. To use the mirror, you remove it from its attachment on the wall, you fill it with water, and then you put it back on its attachment. You use the provided squeegie to wipe away the water droplets on the mirror. It has a shelf, which is a good place to store your razor. The mirror is adjustable so you can adjust it to your likings.

I too have used this mirror for a few different reasons other than shaving. I use it to pluck my eyebrows:) I can get such a good close up to them and I love it:)Yeah I know....I am different because I pluck in the shower..
I also used the mirror when I died my hair, I was able to see that I wasn't missing any spots while doing so.

The shower mirror is $29.95 from Amazon.com and it ships for free.

Would I recommend this product?
Absolutely~Anyday of the week

Would I purchase it myself?
At first No, but once I was able to see that the product is exactly what it says..FOGLESS MIRROR:) Yes I think i might buy one or two for christmas gifts.

I’m very glad that I got the opportunity to try this product out. I definitely think it’s worth the cost. I recommend this product, as it’s great for guys and girls alike.

I was sent this product as a PR sample and my opinions are from me and I was honest in my review.

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