~A Few Post All In One~

I have seen a few people talk about how some post more than one blog in a day....So i thought i would just post a few different bloggins into one..that way you can see what I have blogged all about in today and not have to roam around to see what is where...Hope ya don't mind!!


Well I am not too much into the television except for on tuesday nights:)
But I can say that the movie "The Notebook" was one of the best movies I have yet watched. It was great and it made me cry.....yeah i am one of those suckers when it comes to a movie like that..

Happy Birthday to ME!!:)

I still can't believe I turned 37 yesterday....That makes me 3 years away from 40....Now don't get me wrong, 40 isn't old it's just the thought of saying I am the big 40:( I surely don't feel like im 37.....nor do i think i look it either but who says they look there age:))~Yesterday was a good day.....The weather was nice, Hubby took me to lunch....none of my kids forgot me:)~ Awwww....lol I took me a nap....an old lady nap..lol no really..I was so tired yesterday that i just had to lay down. We had pizza for dinner so i wouldn't have to cook and that pretty much sums up my day....other than i studied all day for my exam that i have today..So wish me luck!!

Today @ the college I am attending is wear pink and support breast cancer awareness~ I got my shirt and my nails done pink:)) I lost an aunt to breast cancer and my husband also lost family to this....Help find a cure..every little thing helps and by supporting and coming together we might just beat this monster.
I hope to see alot of pink today, even on a comment I read on facebook from a guy I know said he would like to see more men get into the supporting of this awareness because he has lost family to breast cancer and would like to support..I think it's great.
Get your pink on and support!!!

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