~Bubble Bath~

That was me about an hour ago:)
I haven't took a bubble bath in like forever ago...I was getting ready to shower and thought I could use the relaxing of a tub with hot water and bubbles....So i hogged the bathroom for a good half hour or so......
I so needed a long, hot bubble bath!! After along week and then my weekend just carried on and being sunday, All i did today was run errands, cleaned, cooked and grocery shopped. I wanted to get other things done, but nope it never happens as planned.
I cooked steak, baked potato and green beans for dinner. Would have made cornbread but...I forgot eggs at the store...The one thing i went to the store for..lol Does that happen to lots of others or just me and my bad memory? :)
I also cooked "Killed Lettuce" for the first time..My mother~n~law always made that for my hubby and he misses it lots, so I thought i would give it a shot and try to make it, knowing that my cooking will never compare to his mothers but trying is good enough for me:) He was happy with it and it made me smile so I will make it more for him when he craves it..
For anyone not knowing what killed lettuce is....It's leaf lettuce, crumbled up bacon, green onions cut up with the bacon grease poured over top to wilt the lettuce or kill it, i guess.
I don't eat it so i can't tell ya what it taste like:)) sorry

I haven't been able to blog this weekend but I found a few minutes before bed to post and then tomorrow i will do some catching up, hopefully!!
Goodnight to all and hope everyone has a great monday!!

Happy Blogging to all......

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