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Imagine a world where one can laugh, sneeze, cough, sweat and run with confidence everyday.

Founder and President Wendy Spencer is one of those contemporary, active women who discovered that after having her child she was experiencing more "oops" moments than before. Also, as a marathon runner, she needed extra protection when she was exercising, and was tired of using wasteful disposable pads everyday. During a trip to Korea, Wendy unearthed the technology that was already enjoying great success. Wendy was inspired and knew the secret to its success was to make it fashionable.

With five popular, machine~washable styles, including thongs, bikinis and mid waist briefs STRIDE Everyday can be worn under youga pants, skinny jeans and the little black dress~always a perfect fit!!

You can visit there website to see all the styles and sizes @ www.strideeveryday.com

The secret lies in the technology that protects to keep you dry and deodorized all day with it's patented super~absorbent microfiber fabric (OQUOS) permanently built into the panyt's liner. These panties can last up to 100 washes...so no more disposable pantiliners for you!

Thank goodness for STRIDE Femme:)

Currently, Stride Everyday panties are being sold in the US in the following stores, Duane Reade, USA Drug, Kinney and Bartells, as well the product can be purchased on the website above.

I was given the choice to choose which type of pantie I would prefer to try and review and I choose the Lacy Thong. Now for those of you that don't like "Thongs" there are other types to choose from. I personally do have a light leakage sometimes and I think it's due to my age, as my mother has the same problem and she has had surgery but it didn't work:( I only wear a pantyliner sometimes, because it is not an everyday thing that happens to me, which makes it hard because I never know when it might happen....I hate wearing pantieliners....they are uncomfortable and irritating, that is just my opinion. Now the day I tried the Stride Everyday Pantie I was very amazed at how comfortable i felt and no irritation:)) I would recommend these to any woman that wears pantyliners and or has a leakage problem. My pair was very stylish and fashionable, just buy looking at them you would never know there was a built in pantyliner..

If you would like to purchase a pair or two or maybe three I was given a Promo Code to pass along to my readers so you can enjoy the discount off any online purchase over at www.strideeveryday.com
Promo Code: STRIDE971 this will give you 20% off:) THIS OFFER EXPIRES NOV, 30TH, 2010

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