~Weekend Recap~

Monday is here and now it's time to wait for friday...Isn't it weird that we dread monday's and almost everyone can't wait till friday?

I woke up this morning in a not so good mood....had burger king for breakfast, which by the way I so didn't need becuz I am wanting to loose some weight...HELLO.....NOTE TO SELF!! WATCH WHAT YOU EAT AND STAY AWAY FROM FAST FOOD:)
I had class today for a few hours and my daughter and grandbaby came home from being gone all week.....I was so excited to see them both!

Wow....I could have used a few more days added to my weekend, I was not ready for it to end. It was such a relaxing weekend with my husband. I don't think we have ever had a weekend like this one in along time.:)

The kids were away at friends and family houses all weekend so it was just me and hubby:)~
Friday I had class all day long, which was super long for me....sitting in class for over 9 hrs was crazy! Came home and hubby was snoozing so I thought what better time to snuggle...so I creeped up under the covers and fell asleep with him for a few hours....
Saturday I had class in the morning but when I got home, hubby and I took a drive around just to get out of the house and we had some good long conversations....which we don't do or we never really have lots of time for anymore...So i was thankful for this time we had together..When we got home we took a nap together.....wow! a nap two days in a row.....I have beat my record of nap taking..lol
Sunday He had to go do a few things for his work then when he returned home, we took a ride to southern ohio and visited a few friends and hung out, then came home late and went to bed..
So that was pretty much my weekend....To most it might sound boring but to me, Oh it was so relaxing and quiet around here....and to top it off the weather was beautiful!

I think i am posting alittle late...
But head on over to All Adrienne I found this idea over at her blog:) Thanks Adrienne:)

That was my weekend......
Tell me about yours!

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