~Girl Talk Hop~ HOBBIES

I came across Girl Talk Hop tonight and I just had to join.......

What better conversation to blog about than girl stuff...right?

This is going to be interesting, I have alot of things that I like or love to do, but I am not sure if I can call them hobbies....so to narrow the list

I love to cook new recipes for different dinners or meals that we have never tried before and also to see how they turn out:)

I love to try to bake from scratch, like cookies, cakes or anything sweet.....By the way usually makes a big mess in my kitchen:)

I have been blogging for almost a year now and I love blogging when I get a chance. I would love to be able to blog everyday but with family, school and life in general sometimes finding time doesn't work the way I would like for it too....

I love taking pictures of random things and people....I carry my camera everywhere I go usually because I never know what I might come across

Seeing this is my first Girl Talk Hop it's kinda short but sweet....I hope anyways:)

I am so glad I discovered you and I look forward to the future conversations and blog hopping that will take place..

Happy Blogging to all.......



Laura said...

Hi Joanna! Thanks for joining in! Glad you found Girl Talk and hope that you enjoy it there! We love it. :)

I take my camera everywhere as well. It's my main hobby.

And you can be sure that if I am cooking or baking that the kitchen is a complete disaster haha. My husband can't seem to understand how it gets so messy when I am in there.

Yaya' s Home said...

Hi JoAnna,
It's nice to know you. Sounds like you have a very interesting life. I really like the way you decorated your blog. Very charming.

~ Yaya

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))