Valentines Day "Recap"

Valentines Day @ my house was a pretty good monday:)

Well the weekend waas my valentines day becuz~ My husband was home the weekend so me and him spent the weekend together with our grandaughter gabriella while the kids did there own things and I got my hair highlighted for valentines day:)) Thanks to my wonderful hubby....and we went to a few flea markets and bought a few things for our living room:)) (which by the way I still have not got hung up or put away)


I decided to take my three kids, grandaughter and my mother out to eat for a nice steak dinner for valentines day:)) I know that was so nice of me, right? lol
I bought my kids a card and some candy to show I love them also:))
My grandaughter got a Cat PillowPet w/hearts all over it, those pillows are so soft, I actually sleep w/one:))lol

So that was my Valentines Day:)) I enjoyed it so much and I hope everyone of you all had a good one as well!!!!!

Happy Blogging to all........

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