What a day!! T.G.T.is F.

I have almost gotten everything out of our old house and into our new one:) Moving is something that takes time and kills my back...(just saying) My husband was off for a few days to help with the moving and what not, back he is back at work, cuz he has to make the money to pay for our new house:))

I haven't gotten alot of blogging done lately, but I have spent sometime on entering giveaways, which by the way I have won a few. With that being said, I started keeping track on my side bar with "My 2011 Winnings from Giveaways", I think i seen it somewhere else and thought that would be a great idea. I too am going to keep track on there wether I recieve the item or not, becuz i have won before, and to this day I have not recieved my prize, so!!

Lets talk the weather~ Im in Ohio and today was BEAUTIFUL.....Did I already say it was BEAUTIFUL outside:)) It was alittle windy but the sun was nice and warm, we took our grandaughter outside for a few, not too long cuz this is the kind of weather that gets you sick....going from warm to cold and then back again, ya know what i mean?

Now I wanted to talk about Blog Hopping......Wow...I have done a few over the past few days and i gotta say.....They work, I have gained a few more followers and I have found some really good blogs out there to follow:))~So if you don't do blog hopping you should..It's Fun:)

Thanks to the mail lady or man...not sure which one delivered my mail today! I got my Bio True Multi-Cleaner Solution with the reuseable tote bag,(FOR REVIEW) which will come in handy...and plus I love bags:)) Call me the BagLady.....(well that is what my hubby would say)lol
I recieved my winnings "Whomp Charmz" from a giveway and
Ugglee Pens~X2 for review....and you won't want to miss this review if you haven't yet found a pen that works for you:))

Well that raps up my day, it's getting late and I think i'm going to call it a nite!
Goodnight my followers and Happy Blogging to You All!!


~Alfie~ said...

Congrats on the new house. So exciting! Thanks for following and I look forward to following you!

Marcy said...

Yes blog hopping is fun! There are a lot of cool sites out there! Don't hurt yourself moving!


Anonymous said...

Congrat's on the new house!!Exciting!! I haven't done to many blog hops. Usually they want me to do something with a button and I haven't quite figured that part out. lol
I am part of your new bloggingbizmom group. :) Following you. :)
much love
april nicole

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))