Did you know that Edenfantasys has a Community?

That's right,I'm definitely feeling Spring in the air and with Eden Fantasy I feel alot more with all that they offer:) There is so many different things to check out in the Eden Community, Have you been there lately? What are you waiting for, this is just an example of what is offered. It's not just sex toys, vibrators and lingerie.
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Reveiws: You can actually check on a review of a product. Thinking of purchasing a vibrator then to check out all the reviews to help make your purchase. There are reviews on all products and maybe even the ones your thinking of buying or have already bought:) It's a venue for exploring the opinions of real people about sex toys and other adult products.

EdenTube:This is a place where you can find many videos from different cateragories from people showing reviews and demonstating some of them..You can even download one if you would like to join in the EdenTube!

This is awesome they even have their own magazine!!
Sexis Magazine:

Projects, News, Columns and Pop Shots..etc....Check it out!!

EdenCafe Blog: Now I know you all like blogs...They have some really nice:) giveaways and some very interesting post on relationships and Health..

"EdenFriends Specials" are truly exceptional.

"Like" EdenFantasys and you will automatically become eligible for these specials, and the exciting part is that you can earn extra savings just by sharing these offers with your Facebook friends.

Every offer is unique. The posts announcing the offer will be posted on their wall and it will have all the details. If you like the offer, you don't need to do anything extra to take advantage of it, there are no codes to enter or links to follow.

Simply log into EdenFantasys using the Facebook Connect feature, and start shopping! Your "EdenFriends Special" offer will appear in your shopping cart at checkout. Get even more savings when you share the "EdenFriends Special" with your Facebook Friends, and again, we will add these extra savings to your cart automatically.

Just when you thought I was finished....I gotta tell you about there Naked Reader Book Club

The one and only erotica publisher Cleis Press, EdenFantasys and SexIs in an ongoing online book club for inquiring minds who love to read about all things sexual—from the politics of pornography to the erotically evocative boundaries of desire. In December, naughty meets nice with old-fashioned romance and new-fangled love affairs! You can visit the official NRBC store to purchase past, present and future featured book titles.

You really should check them out..There are so many different things to read, purchase and try:))

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