Yup you heard me right..lol
I'm gonna start in the spring quarter which is March 29th,2010 and I'm really excited. I am taking Nursing..(RN)..hope to one day work in Labor and Delivery!!So with signing all kinds of papers, taking placement tests, getting my ID made, financial aid and so on and so on.....yeah i don't think it ever ends....but it's well worth it. I haven't had much time to do anything within the last week. On top of my busy schedule, Our weather has been crazy here, I am in OHIO....Cold and wet and really WHITE out there:))Oh and the ice...How can i forget that when it's pulled me down a few times while walkin to the car:)lol thankful i didn't break no bones or nothin...i did laugh my butt off though:)
I have a few books i have to review and finish reading....once i find a minute to sit in my quite corner and catch up...which is gonna be hopefully soon! I have recieved a few little products for review as well......can't wait to talk about those:)) Oh and blog tours....I haven't done one but i signed up for a few in april...so im excited about that.....
My husband started a new job this past thursday and he will be gone all week long and home on the weekends....but I am alright with that...considering he hasn't worked for sometime now cuz of the lack of his work.....
Were gonna be moving hopefully within the next month or so.....I wanna be closer to my family and where I'm going to school is 2 hrs away from me now....and only 20 from there....so i am so ready....Its the packing i don't get along with but hey.....I gotta do what i gotta do right? lol
My Grandbaby is doing great....She is getting so big....I can't believe it's already been a month.....She goes for her first month appt monday and i'm excited to see how much she has gained...cuz she is alittle piggy:))lol
WELL i guess that is it for right now.....I gotta run a few errands before it gets late.....HAPPY BLOGGING TO ALL.....TAKE CARE AND COME BACK SOON:)


Anonymous said...

That is SO EXCITING!! I can't wait to go back to scholl and figure out "what I want to be when I grow up!"
Congrats and best wishes and luck to you!!!

Danielle said...

How exciting. Good for you. Labor and Deliverly will be alot of fun. I would love working with babies.

Deb K said...

Visiting from MBC~Love Your Blog!

I am now following you too :-)

Congrats on going back to school~I wish you all the best!

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))