Thursday Bug

Ok....So I'm slowly getting back at my Daily Blogging. I was going thru some of the blogs I follow and came across this meme for thursday! Wait today is Thursday right? (GRINS:) WWOO FOR A MINUTE I THOUGHT I WAS LOST IN THE DAYS OF THE WEEK..OK NEVERMIND THAT...LOL
anyways....I love reading "what if this is as good as it gets".. I have decided to join in on this meme...SO HERE GOES:)

Sometimes it helps to share with others what bugs your mind.
They may have a solution, a kind word, or a smile of encouragement.
This week my thursday bug is:


Stuff could always be worse said...

Oh dear I hope you are better, I understand the word Tax time, dread it

Bri said...

New follower - I found you through FFF on MB :)

I'm with you on tax time - we're always right on the fence on whether we'll owe or not. Each year we have a little more taken out, but we always wind up owing a bit more so we usually just break even!

J. L. W. said...

I hate tax time. Thank goodness my husband does it online.

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))