National Child Abuse Awareness Month

National Child Abuse Awareness Month in the USA

The purpose is to raise awareness of child abuse within our communities and offer children and there parents the chance to take part in many activities and ways to prevent child abuse from happening.

If you yourself are not familiar with ways to prevent Child Abuse head over to  National Child Abuse Awareness Month website where you can find out more about the month and ways to stop abuse and learn the signs so you can help offering a child protection.

Becoming aware and helping other children and parents learn about child abuse and being able to help prevent it is awesome, there needs to be more people out there like us that want to take forth and learn protect a child.

On the website you can find out more about the ‘Five Protective Factors’ that can help children within families and communities.   There are also tip sheets and an activity calendar to get you thinking and raising awareness. You can also learn how to spot child abuse signs.

Around 3.6 million children were mistreated through physical and emotional child abuse, and it is thought that this shocking figure is on the increase. With all the stories we hear on the news about parents hurting there children or someone else hurting them or even killing them:( It's so sad and we, as in all of us can help in some way or another.  By taking part in events and raising awareness, you can help to prevent it.

Report it to the local agencies or police if you see or suspect Child Abuse.

For more information, visit the Child Welfare website.

By creating a healthy, safe and nurturing environment, you can help stop child abuse this April.

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