Alright! I confess...I have been slacking when it comes to blogging here at City Girl Gone Country:) Why you ask.....well I have been busy entering into all the great giveaways out there in the bloggy world:-)Wish me luck cuz I wanna win something:))

I have recently started up a Book Blog since I love to read and there are alot of people out there that have them....now to me I love the idea of reading a book and then reviewing about it on my blog so everyone out there gets an idea of what the book was about and so forth...you get the picture! So with that note....
I'm here now....I'm trying to find my organizational skills and put them together so I can do more than one thing at a time.....(giggles)

For today....Im awake but half asleep! My daughter has to go for her glucose test today because she is almost 29 weeks pregnant and they said it had to be done in a certian time frame.......and that takes over an hour.....Which is fine cuz I plan on taking my book to give me something to do:)) Then to the grocery I gotta go....were out of everything....usually it's not like that but it happens!! Tonight dinner is ....Not sure yet:)

The kids school work is going good....well it could be better and once those organizational skills kick in I think it will get better!!:)

The weather:) Wow....I can't believe it's December 1st and we have had no snow:-)Well we had a few frost but not really snow~snow.....Which makes me think...when we do get it...it's gonna hit us hard i believe! I would love to have a white christmas....wouldn't you? Well for the ones that live in states that do get snow.....the other people that never get snow........your not missing much:))lol
It is beautiful but the cold is what gets me......

Well i reckon I will close this for now and go get ready for my adventurous day:)lol
I hope everyone has a great day and Happy Bloggin!!


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Just checking in...did you forget about the Vintage Christmas Monday blog party? Hope you are still interesting in participating. xo Joan, your Vintage Christmas hostess.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Fun to read your post - I too am wondering about the lack of snow and I'm just planning to be bombarded after the holidays! Who knows! But for now, I'll enjoy NOT driving in the snow!


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Ironically enough, you've had no snow and we have when we normally never do. Go figure!

Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))