I am very excited to share with everyone that I am going to be doing a review for eFoods. If you are like me then being prepared in a bad situation or disaster is just the way we like it. One fear of mine is not being prepared and having food on hand is going to be awesome and also the beginning of my journey to get things stored for a emergency or a disaster. When a major emergency strikes, imagine your peace of mind having a convenient, just-add-water-and-simmer food supply on hand. And if a minor emergency pops up where you’re simply trying to feed the kids, you'll appreciate the best-tasting, most versatile food in the world. Over 30 years eFoods has committed to serving the community in need and putting people first. Made in the USA I am looking forward to doing this review and filling everyone in on this great company. Be sure to come back to learn how everything turns out..

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