Product Reviews don't get no better than this:)

I am very excited to get a chance to review a product from CSN. Now doing a product review is awesome and I am very glad that I am getting this chance to do another one with them.

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Shopping online is great for ones that don't have time to go out and about to the different stores, but with online shopping at CSN Stores with over 200+ Stores you can get what you need or want without leaving your house.

I have not yet choose my product to review, but please come back and check it out in a few days.


"Getting To Know You"

Getting to know YOU

This is the (mostly girly)edition:)
I love doing this meme!

1.If you had 5000.00 to spend on plastic surgery what would you have done?
I honestly wouldn't have plastic surgery done. I just think that people being natural is better than being fake.

2. Do you watch Soap operas and if so what is your favorite and why?
I use to watch like The Young & The Restless, Bold n Beautiful but i haven't watched them for a very long time. I am too busy now:)

3. Favorite clothing brand?
Not one certain brand.....just nice clothes and comfortable....

4. An afternoon shopping spree at your favorite store or maid service for a year?

5. Would you ever vajazzle?

6. Favorite Disney Princess?
Cinderella...She is the ultimate princess of disney:)

7. Last movie that made you bawl your eyes out?

8. Have you ever broken any bones and if so what?
Nope and I need to be knocking on wood while I answer this question:))lol



Hello everyone out there in the Blogosphere~I have been busy with family, life, school and anything else you can think of, but I am still in one piece and I am back and ready to blog:)) Sorry for disappearing and leaving all my followers to hang, I know you all missed me:))lol Well i will be back shortly and going to blog some good things:) Have a great saturday evening ya'll......CITY GIRL GONE COUNTRY!
Thanks for stoppin by:)It's nice to meet each and everyone of you all......I hope you enjoy my blog and come back anytime:))